PlayStation 2 Emulator

Download PCSX2 Full Free Download + Bios
PlayStation 2 is very familiar by almost gamers all over the world. They spend a lot of times to play many games using this platform. To download PlayStation 2 Emulator games on PC, gamers need PCSX2. PCSX2 is a freeware that can give people pleasure to play PlayStation 2 Emulator games. The process of installation takes a little time, based on the internet speed. It is the best and the first PlayStation 2 Emulator. When configuring window, people are able to select resolution, aspect ratio, game control, and others. Before using PCSX2, people have to download BIOS of PlayStation. If BIOS is not available, PCSX2 cannot get installed.
Screens Configuration | Click On The Image To Enlarge

1. Config - Plugin/BIOS selec

2. Click on the arrow and select the appropriate GS Plugin. Most good SSE4
3. Click the Configure button

4. Adjust the image below. click OK and OK again.

5. Select Config - emulation settings

6. Select Window GS. adjust the picture below

7. Check the text box "presets" (there are close to the camera icon at the bottom), and slide the button to the right. further to the right, getting his kenceng fps. This is an arrangement speedhacks automatically. if too quickly slide it to the left.

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