Divinity Dragon Commander

Divinity Dragon Commander Free Download Full Version PC Download

Sharpen Your Strategic Skill

With great art combined with high technology, Divinity Dragon Commander becomes a PC game that worth a try. It has unique storyline which makes it all makes sense.

The game is all about strategy. You have to have good strategic skill to win the game. And if you don’t, don’t worry, this is a place to practice. Practice your strategic skill here, with good visual that will prevent you to become bored easily.

This is a good thing to do in your spare time. Also, you can invite your friends to play the game. Play together to make it more fun.

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Spelunky Download
Spelunky PC Download Full Version Free

Spelunky is action and adventure game for personal computer. It is suitable for gamers who love unique platforms. It is a unique 2D platform and simple game in which it is suitable for having fun and pleasant time. In addition, it is quite cheap so that gamers do not need waste much time to buy it.

It is completed with random levels in which it proffers the challenge and new experience for the gamers when they are playing it. It also offers the gamers with new features and great keyboard control to play.

Moreover, it can be played easily for almost all gamers at different level of age. It has been installed easily on personal computer with dynamic game play.

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Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Download Full Version PC Free
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition PC-Download

Castlevania Lords of Shadow is an action and adventure video game with great dark fantasy. It takes a setting the end of the days. Gamers will be spoiled beautiful soundtrack during playing the video game.

Then, it offers the gamers with the great story about dark fantasy so they also can follow its story of the game. The gamers will be playing this game for longer time because its durability is very long.

It provides the gamers excellent characters playing their roles in the game. It is very tensing game because it accentuates action scenes and it has also amazing cut scenes. This is an epic game which is very great. The appearance of the game on personal computer is excellent so that it makes the gamers enjoyable playing the game.

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Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Guacamelee! Gold Edition Download PC Game
Guacamelee! Gold Edition Free Download Full Version

Guacamelee! Gold Edition is the best version of the game today. It has several characters in the game. The characters play their amazing roles in the game. In addition, the dialogues used are well to listen.

The revolution of the game is also great with fantastic color use. The superb color role makes the visualization of the game brighter, more obvious, and easy to see.

It also gives great effect to the characters that can make them as if they were alive. Then, it has a balance of the story. The balance of comedic and drama in the game is really good because it has same portion. That makes it bad is the design and model of the enemies are boring and repetitive.

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Realms of Arkania Blade of Destiny

Realms of Arkania Blade of Destiny Download
Download Realms of Arkania Blade of Destiny Free Full Version For PC

Realms dari Arkania Blade of Destiny is role play video game with having six characters. This game offers different visualization to the gamers.

It uses classical 3D for visualization so that the characters and scenes in the game are more obvious when the gamers are playing this game. It provides lots of scenes so that the gamers can play this game for longer time.

It is same as other video games that it is easily to use and install on the personal computer. Moreover, the story of the game is more interesting and tensing so that it can improve the adrenaline flow of players. It also offers great visualization so that it can be seen comfortably.

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PayDay 2 Career Criminal Edition

PayDay 2 Career Criminal Edition Download PC Game
PayDay 2 Career Criminal Edition Free Download Full Version

PayDay 2 Career Criminal Edition is a limited edition which offers criminal story to the gamers. It involves digital content for the video game. Moreover, it is the first video game with person shooters.

It is the sequel of previous video game. It offers the gamers easy of purchasing it. They can pre purchase and then download it. In addition, it can be run perfectly on gamers’ personal computers.

It promises lots of new things to the gamers from the previous one. It includes offering the special system, Crimenet that allows the gamers or players to choose their own target. They need to be careful because it can get the attack from murders and steals.

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Worms Clan Wars

Worms Clan Wars Download PC Game
Download Worms Clan Wars Free Full Version

Worms Clan Wars is an upcoming game exclusive to personal computer use. The game focuses on the main character story of Tara Pinkleton who has 25 missions. It is very exciting to play.

Gamers can make their team flags, landscape with landscape editor, and emblems during playing this game. They also can create the customs for worms. The game is more tensing because it offers lots of weapons than previous game.

It provides new weapons to use by gamers. The game has better revolution and version so that it can be played comfortably. This focuses on online game play in which it serves single player campaign. The game can run perfectly and flawlessly on personal computer with smooth menu controls and fun graphics of the game.

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Dishonored The Brigmore Witches

Dishonored The Brigmore Witches Download PC Game
Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC Download Full Version Free

Dishonored The Brigmore Witches is a scaring action game. This game tells interesting story about witches. It also brings new power of witches and accentuates the story of Dunwall and assassins.

It is suitable for gamers liking challenge and superpower. The strengths of this game are about new powers to provide some things during Corvo’s campaign. Then, the setting of this game is more memorable so that gamers can play it easily.

Some characters have very good characterization especially Daud. The witch character in this game is actually so scary so that the gamers get frightened to see them. However, it gives different sensation to play a game.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist

Download Splinter Cell Blacklist Download PC Game
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Free Download Full Version

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist is one of action and adventure games that can play in play station and personal computer. It is about the mission of US president to shut down the corruptors and change them with the new special operation and anti terror group for doing mission from commander.

The game is good to play it. There are some things that make it great.It offers interesting and tense cooperative mission to gamers. Moreover, the gamers can play this game competitively to get the adrenaline flow.

The mission of the game is appealing the gamers to experiment with gadgets and weapons. Then, when the gamers play this game, they will get interested in the high risk situation to appeal them in the conflict.

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Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief Edition

Download Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief Edition Download PC Game
Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief Edition Free Download Full Version

Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief Edition is an action adventure game. This game is more challenging and tensing to play

It explores the use of jet that can shoot rockets from its paw. There are some missions of the game so that gamers need to break the mission.

The game also uses several new weapons for holding the characters. It has the best story of the game because the characters need to create their mission cooperating with the other characters.

Gamers also allow creating the customs, weapons, and vehicles to use the characters in the game. This has a new revolution with adding new superpowers and characters.

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Windows 8 Skin Pack 6.0 For Windows Xp

Windows 8 Theme For Xp Download
Change Your PC Skin Pack with Remarkable Windows 8

Update and make your desktop appearance more remarkable and cool with Windows 8 skin pack. It will make your desktop look so different and make you never bored to look on your desktop. By downloading Windows 8 Skin Pack 6.0 For Windows Xp, you don’t need to install Windows 8 first on your desktop to have windows 8 appearance. You just need to download that master and then you will get the skin pack of windows 8 on your Windows Xp.

If you download it, you will get the themes, skin, wallpaper, and anything else about windows 8. So, change your desktop appearance with the more incredible one.

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Dracula Part 1 The Strange Case Of Martha

Get Yourself Have an Adventure with Vampire

There are many incredible games provided and offered for many game lovers in the world. If you are one of game lovers and you are looking for a game which is different from others, so it’s time for you to download and play Dracula Part 1 The Strange Case Of Martha.

The game is about an adventure and detective game. It tells the journey of Father Arno and Irina Boczow in completing their mission to investigate and get the real fact if vampire is a true belief. It’s a game will make you curious what will happen next. So, try this game and get your own adventure with vampire.

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Windows 8 Transformation Pack 7 For Windows 7

Bring Your Desktop Look More Marvelous

Are you the one who like to update the newest and advanced technology? If you think you are, it’s time for you now to not only update, but to apply and use the hot trend technology nowadays. As you know, one of the most advanced technologies now is everything about Windows 8. So unfortunate if you miss the use of Windows 8 operating system since it is able to give you more amazing outlook for your PC.

It’s okay then if you are now using Windows 7 and you prefer using it, but you can upgrade the look of your Windows 7 to perform like Windows 8 by downloading Windows 8 Transformation Pack 7 For Windows 7. So, bring your desktop look more amazing and cool with Windows 8 Pack.

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Postal 2 Share The Pain

New Challenging Postal 2 Share The Pain

For you the game lovers, and if you like to update the newest game and don’t want to miss them, there is one game that absolutely you should download and play for it. The game is Postal 2 Share The Pain. The game will give you more and new challenging levels.

The game offers you not only single player, but four multiplayer types, which are Snatch, Grab, Deathmatch, and the Team Deathmatch. This game has already upgraded to have features of 14 new levels which include the multiplayer variations, game setting, and full level editor. So, don’t hesitate to try this game and download to have it.

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Plants Vs Zombies

Defend Your Home from Zombies’ Attack

Are you bored with the war games that only use riffle, pistol, poniard, and other cold steels in the game? Now, its time for you to play a game that can give you more fresh and impressive way to play it. The game is Plants Vs Zombies.

That game is a new way for you to play a war game. It tells about war between zombie and your zombie-zapping plants where the plants protect your home of zombies attack. The zombies have their own unique strength character, your plants also do. The cute and impressive plants also have their own way to attack against the zombie. So, what are you waiting for to download and play this amazing game?

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Hitman 1 Codename 47

Prepare yourself to be an Agent 47

If you like to watch agent series movie and you often imagine that you can be a professional agent, but unfortunately you know it’s quite difficult, no need to worry. You can be a professional and cool agent in a game of Hitman 1 Codename 47.

That game is the first game of the Hitman series and this game was released in 2000 and published by Eidos Interactive. The game can be played in Windows program. That tells about a character of Agent 47 as the protagonist in this game. He is delegated and hired by International Contract Agency to fulfill his mission on assassinating criminal and killing contract. If you want to know more about this game, don’t; hesitate to download the game now.

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Mario Forever 4

The More Challenging Mario Game

Many game manias surely know and remember the cute and impressive old and classic Mario Bross game. It’s one game which many people are fond of playing the game. Now, for Mario game mania, there is newest and remake game of Mario, which is Mario Forever 4.

This newest game of Mario is more impressive and challenging indeed. It is still the same game with the classic one, the new is only the upgraded. There are more challenges, more enemies, more bonuses, and definitely will make you more addictive to play. To get the remake of Mario game, you may download now and be ready to take long hours and never stop playing this game until the end of game.

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Fifa Football 2002

Play Fifa Football 2002 on Your PC

Football game is the one that can make people easily forget about their stress and another activity. Well, if you really miss the old FIFA game, there is a game that you should play!

The one that you should play again is Fifa Football 2002 as this game can give you such lots of fun. You can see how this game that is now really sophisticated came from this old game. Your pc will give you more fun with this game.

So, just simply download this game as soon as you want to play this game. It will be really amazing and really can give you fun time.

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Conflict Desert Storm 2

Play Conflict Desert Storm 2 for Baghdad Sensation

Shooting game is fun and the set at the war is a really cool one that makes gamers really interested on it. The Conflict Desert Storm 2 is a good option to try.

The set of this game is about the Gulf War in Iraq. This game will show you the look of the war field in Baghdad that will simply make your gaming time really fun. You can play this on your PC and find it from some websites to download.

This one is absolutely fun and you will simply be able to have fun with this game! So, what are you waiting for?

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Age Of Mythology The Titans

Try the Old Age Of Mythology The Titans

For those who like games with strategy, there are some games that can be played. This can be really fun to play this game and here is a fun one to try.

You can try the Age Of Mythology The Titans if you do want to play this game for fun. This one is pretty much entertaining as a game should do for gamers. This is an old game but surely really fun to play while you are bored with new games.

This game is available for gamers to download for free on the internet. You have to find the right website that provides this for sure.

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Sniper Art Of Victory

Enjoy the Sniper Art of Victory Game

Shooting is a fun game and become a sniper is pretty much a great thing. You can play sniper game if you like it because there are some games that can give you this one.

The Sniper Art of Victory is the one that you can try to get what you really want to feel to become a sniper. You can feel the atmosphere of the WW II era that will make your gaming time becomes cooler and special.

You can check out some websites to finally get this game and download them. This is good to try playing this cool game.

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New York City Taxi Simulator

Enjoy the Ride on New York City Taxi Simulator

Are you a fan of game with speed? If you really like this one, you can try the New York City Taxi Simulator. This game is absolutely entertaining!

You really can play this game by simply downloading it from the internet. There are some websites that provide this game for download. You will play with your concentration in playing this game by making sure that your passenger is safe and you're arrived as early as you can.

So, simply get this game to play on your PC. This will be really fun and you must be able to have some fun with this game!

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Midnight Club 2

Midnight Club 2 for Racing Lovers

Racing game is very challenging and some people even are addicted to this one. There are lots of racing games and this is good for you to find the game that can give you the thrill.

Try Midnight Club 2 as this one has really cool challenge. This becomes addictive and to play this game you need knowledge. This is a fine game that is worth to try and you can get this by finding it on the internet and download them for free.

So, what are you waiting for? This one is a cool game that you have to try if you are the racing game lovers.

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Half Life 1

Play Half Life 1 and Have Fun

There is no doubt that gaming is such a fun thing to do especially for those who like game with actions and emotions. Half Life 1 is going to be a good option to try.

You can play Half Life 1 on your PC if you want but you have to make sure that your computer has the system requirements to run this game. But do not worry about it because this game is not that heavy and you can download them from some websites on the internet.

This can be a good game to play if you really like shooting game. It is good to act like a shooter for awhile during your free time.

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Driver San Francisco

Increase Your Adrenaline with Driver San Francisco

Racing is such an addictive game to play and this is great to start looking for the right game that can increase your adrenaline. You even can play it on your pc if you really want it.

Driver San Fransisco is a great game. This game came with such quality and innovation that makes this game is still alive until today. This game is much challenging and very much entertaining too. You can play this with such high quality resolution.

Make sure you know the specification of your computer before you download and install this game. It needs computer with high spec to be able to play this game.

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Soldier Elite

Act Like Soldier on Soldier Elite

Shooting game is absolutely a really challenging game that can give everyone such great time. There are plenty of shooting games and the one with tactic is more challenging.

One of the most popular shooting games is Soldier Elite game. This one is popular because this is a great stealth action game and there are so many developments in this game that has been done to provide better effects.

This game is available for you all to download at some websites. Just check it out and find out the one that you think is going to be the best place to get it.

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Soldier Of Fortune 2

 Challenging Shooting Game: Soldier Of Fortune 2

Do you like playing such a challenging game? Well, if you do, then you have to try the Soldier Of Fortune 2 ! Why so? Well, this is because this game is going to give you some fun and you will be able to do tactical shooting game in a modern way.

This game is absolutely a really good one for those who love tactical shooter. It has cool appearance and you can play as a shooter and be ready to do some missions in wide range and surely comes with such great view.

You can download this game from some websites on the internet. It must be a really fun thing to do when you have free time.

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

In reviewing about PC game, any of you should know how to conduct the considerations first. Well, what I may recommend is by considering about both the positive and negative aspect of the game which you may get for your PC. Well, I believe you can do it appropriately.

Let’s take an example from certain game such as The Walking Dead: 400 Days. If it is about the positive aspect, you can obtain many different unsettling moments. You will be impressed by the different background of the characters which may set up new form of story.

The only bad is the limited time to conduct recognition about the character. If you have the need to get such game, you can conduct download first on the internet actually.

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