Deadly 30

Meet the Zombies for 30 Nights in Deadly 30

Do you dare to take a challenge to play a horror game? It is such an exciting experience in facing the enemies in horror situation. You must use some strategies to survive form many kinds of obstacle. If you are interested in playing a horror yet survival game, you must try Deadly 30.

Like the title of this game, it offers you with the challenge for 30 nights in killing the zombies. This must be a horror experience for you since the player has to survive for a month. It takes place in a zombie world. You must protect your own bunker from the zombies.

The features used in this game are very interesting. It allows you to upgrade the weapons to get the higher level in killing the zombies. Feel the horror experience by playing this game.

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Arma Cold War Assault

Take the Challenge in Arma Cold War Assault

Do you like to play some military games? These games require you to use some strategies to defeat the enemies. Also, you have to understand the techniques for each weapon. Playing this kind of game is very challenging. If you want to add the collection of your military games, then you must try Arma Cold War Assault.

This game offers you an experience to survive in an island. The features in this game are very interesting. The player is equipped with weapons like a troop. There are also some vehicles appear on this game. You will be given two optional missions.

This military game is very ideal for you who like to feel the challenge of survival. Here, you must survive for not to be caught by the enemies.

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Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age

Adventure in the North Pole in Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age

Playing game that contains some cute characters is very fun. You will not be bored to play this kind of game. Playing action game might be boring for some of you.  Are you interested in playing an adventure game?

Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age is very suitable for you. This game offers you to have a trip in North Pole. The equipment used in this game is very unique. You can upgrade the weapons as a reward. The characters here are very cute. The player has to prepare some strategies during the trip in North Pole.

Get the gold as many as possible by scattering the fish around the player.  You will feel happier in playing this game. Go grab it right now.

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Dead Rising 2

Defeat the Zombies in Dead Rising 2

Playing some survival games will give you a different experience. The challenge that you have to pass makes you feel interested in making strategies. There are many survival games for your pc. Fighting against the enemies is the most challenging part on this survival game.

If you are interested in both survival and action game, you must try Dead Rising 2. This game gives you an experience in killing the zombies in a city. Feel the horror experience in facing those zombies. A thousands zombies try to block your way to the city.

You will get the survival experience when you play this game. Get this game right now, and you will gain the challenge to reach the high level in defeating the zombies.

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The Battle For Wesnoth

The Best Battle Game

Are you interested in battle game? It is considered to be a game that can burn your adrenaline. You can use some strategies to defeat your enemy. There are many battle games that are available for your pc. The story told on a battle game is such an interesting thing.

One of the battle games that you must play is The Battle for Wesnoth. The player has to kill the enemies in a village. The types of weapon used on this game are highly varied. The characters of dragons improve the uniqueness of this battle game. The player also has to defeat the enemies in a forest.

Grab this game as soon as possible as it is very interesting to be played. Feel the experience in making good strategies to kill the enemies.

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