Metal Slug X PS1

Download Metal Slug X PS1 PC Game
Metal Slug X PS1 PC Game Download
Metal Slug X PS1 Free Download

Different from the former series, Metal Slug X is coming with cool features, such as some new types of grenades and new weapons. Later, the grenade can be made as a staple in the next use of weapons, too. Other than that, there’s also a difference in the Enemy Chase of this game. The Enemy Chaser can track down the targeted enemies at random time and place by sending the rockets. There is also a difference in the Iron Lizard. In this game, the Iron Lizard has the ability to fire missile car which is remotely controlled. The missile car also has the ability to travels freely on ground and suddenly explodes just by small contact with it.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Download Persona 4 Arena Ultimax PC Game
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax PC Game Download
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Free Download

Based on its name, it can be known that this game is a direct sequel of the former serie of a game with the same name, which is Persona 4 Arena that has been released in 2012. The Persona 4 Arena itself is actually a follow-up game series of the famous role-playing game called Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. So, it is not a wonder if people known this Persona 4 Arena Ultimax game as follow up series of “Megami Tensei” as its main and “Persona” as its sub-series.  

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Thousand Arms PS1

Download Thousand Arms PS11 PC Game
Thousand Arms PS1 PC Game Download
Thousand Arms PS1 Free Download

For your information, this game use a “steam-punk” kind of world as its background place. You’ll be Meis, a womanizing hero which is known as “Spirit Blacksmith”. Later, you’ll be asked to follow Meis journey in order to defeat the Dark Acolytes in this Thousand Arms game by meeting many girls and dating them also making many allies to make a bigger and stringer party.

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