Best 7th Base Town Hall Formation in Clash of Clans

Town Hall 7 is a Town Hall built at a cost of 1,200,000 gold for 6 days. By the time you successfully complete Town Hall 7 building, you will get 720 experience (exp). Town Hall 7 will have a hitpoints (blood) of 3200 and has a maximum building limit of 56 units.  Here we summarizes the various types of base formations of clashofclansbuilder that can be used for Town Hall 7. The structure of the Town Hall 7 base formation has several types. Town Hall 7 base types include:

  •     Base Town Hall 7 Farming
  •     Base Town Hall 7 Defense/Trophy
  •     Base Town Hall 7 Hybrid
  •     Base Town Hall 7 Clan War

The Best and Strongest Base Town Hall Base (7th) Layout in Clash of Clans (COC)

Base TH 7 Farming

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